How to care for your products

Painted Denim
We use professional grade acrylic paint for denim and other natural materials. It has been pre-treated before being sent off to you.
Once you get your item, stick in the dryer on HOT for 10+ minutes to add an extra sticky seal between paint and garment. 
Item will be ready for normal cold washes prior to this step.
You can air dry your garment if you see fit/ fear shrinking. Denim jeans can be thrown into the dryer.

Painted Boots
All leather products have been painted and sealed with Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint products.
Sometimes, an item will remain sticky which can cause it to peel if stored touching another sticky garment. 
Please store all painted leather free from touching other painted goods. 
Don't be afraid to kick these around in some dust as it will actually add a nice, soft layer to remove that stickiness.