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Handmade in NY by Kristen Chiu ~ Thingamajig Objects

Sculpted from polymer clay and embellished with glass hearts

Painted with glitter

Clasps and chain is silver plated & features hypoallergenic hardware

Size large 

Each piece is sealed with magical affirmations 

Every piece will be a bit unique due to the nature of their creation, so cherish the little bumps, bruises and differences :)

Each piece is fragile, so please treat with care to maintain longevity 

Each piece holds the stamp of the Chinese character "水" or "Shuĭ" for water. This is not only a homage to Kristen's Chinese & Taiwanese roots but a reference to her own astrological water sign. It is a reminder to flow freely, embrace mutability and connect with the deepest parts of ourselves. 

Each piece comes with a corresponding Oracle Card to help you wear and live with greater intention