Mariame Kaba (above), an organizer, educator and curator who is active in movements for racial, gender, and transformative justice, once said “Let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair.” I think of this quote often as I read about decolonization, listen to podcasts with Angela Davis, and explain white privilege to my parents. White America is experiencing an awakening to structural racism, and now more than ever we are asking ourselves how to not only be allies, but how to be actively anti-racist. 

White privilege is not something to try and hide or be ashamed of, it’s something to recognize and use to uplift marginalized folx. Because Zig Zag is white owned, we wanted to highlight some amazing Black owned shops that we think you’ll love (we definitely do!!). There are eight total Black women owned shops in this article that can all be found on Depop. From custom made pieces to funky 80s prints, I know you’ll find a one-of-a-kind piece at one of these shops to compliment your Zig Zag look. 


Crisp U.S. by Tea (they/them)  

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What to Expect: Southern style and a very vintage almost cowboy aesthetic, but with a queer twist, the coolest rare, vintage graphic tees depicting various bands from Lauryn Hill to Iron Maiden, high quality denim, and quirky button downs  

Featured Item: Vintage Denim: 90s grunge Levi’s 501s  

 Two people sitting close together, one with light blue denim top and bottom, and the other with true blue denim top and bottom. there are some green plants in the bottom left corner.



Nancy’s Vintage Shop 

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What to Expect: soft, pastel cottagecore vibes complete with ruffles, puff sleeves, peter pan collars, long dresses and lace and a dash of some classic 80s/90s floral prints and statement shoulder shapes

Featured Item: Vintage 1990s puff sleeve dress

a Black woman in a pink, green, purple and black floral dress with a long, flowing skirt and puffy sleeves. she is holding the skirt spread out with her hands.  


Cobee Thrift 

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What to Expect: vibrant colored statement pieces with vintage silhouettes and cuts, occasion wear straight out of Barbie’s closet, and funky 80s patterns and blazers

Featured Item: Vintage Pink Linen Skirt  

Black woman sitting on a bright pink suitcase. she is wearing a bright orangle blazer and bright pink skirt above the knee and pink sunglasses. her hair is in two high buns with a white clip at the front. she is in front of a white curtain, and there is a tall, green potted plant to her left.



Get Some Greens by Baby Blue 

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What to Expect: grungy blacks and greys and bright neons, edgy tees, one-of-a-kind punk pieces with hand drawn designs, oversized 90s style streetwear, baggy, skate style bottoms, and busy patterns from flames to skulls to cheetah

Featured Item: Custom Set: Jeans and Vest with Custom Designs   





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What to Expect: mix of 80s, 90s, Y2K and current styles, bright colors and groovy patterns, gorgeous leather pieces, chic blazers, vintage matching sets of skirts and jackets, and a selection of timeless coats from corduroy to those with detachable fur collars 

Featured Item: Matching Miniskirt and Blazer Set   

a Black woman stands with her left hand in her pocket. she is wearing a matching skirt and jacket set that is brown with on tan stripe on each piece. she has a baby blue shirt on under the jacket.

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