We are honored to share this collaboration with collage artist, Lauren Stockton, because she gives 'Stock' photos a new identity. 

It is likely we found our brand soulmate in artist form, which we didn't even know was possible. Lauren slays the collage game by giving mixed media a whole new approach. 

When asked to relay some of her process, her first word was TRASH. Lauren takes the sustainability twist to her photography and this is why we adore her.

"Trash !! I love getting scraps of things that would be thrown away and turning it into something that I think is beauuutiful. I love mixing the vibrance with texture to mimic crafts and art I'd make as a kid. I love mixing eras."

"The collages include : nail polish , reused plastic bags, thread, soap, post office receipts, an avocado bag , and my sticker collection * that’s been growing since I was a kid *

Lauren even got behind the camera for some next-level selfies!!

OBSESSED is the only word that will fully encompass our new love for this up and coming collage rockstar. Give her ur love on Insta ---> @laurensocks

Wardrobe: Zig Zag Goods
Photos and collages by: Lauren Stockton

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