We had the rad pleasure of dressing up and photographing one of our new favorite LA girl surf punk bands, Strawberry Army. Take a listen to their 2019 release while you learn all about one of Zig Zag's favorite shoot days ever!!

It wasn't hard to find the perfect Zig Zag 'fits for identical twins, Rio and Zoe Infante from LA band 'Strawberry Army'. They were definitely mesmerized by our collection, and seeing it through their eyes was the best part. After 45 minutes of talking cats, kittens and everything else related to our mutual feline obsession, we started with a look compiled of opposites. A prairie dress and a pair of dress pants with a go-go and a western boot. Matching the pink and white chunky plastic earrings we refuse to part with, and two sets of hand-beaded gloves from a.n.g.e.l.f.o.o.d. to keep it all cohesive and twin-ey 2000. 

Just when I thought I had shot the classic "one/ two rolls per look and a pack of Polaroids to go with it"... Zoe and Rio threw some new ideas my way. Turns out the other side of the grocery store we had been illegally wall-borrowing with no permitless excuses was our next stop. Luckily, the shopping cart wrangler and other fellow shoppers hardly seemed to mind when I rapidly changed lenses and rolls of 120 film in the middle of the parking lot in my vintage patent leather go-go boots. We were a spectacle, and we were a dose of the circus in these peoples' ordinary shopping experience. We were just about one roll deep in a shopping cart when we were finally asked to leave. 

Second look: hours have flown by in a dazey, fun-house, clown maze of amazing ideas and simultaneous makeup looks. "My best work yet" left my mouth several times before we could even leave my apartment for round #2. 

By the time we took to the park across the street, and one fat, happy outdoor cat experience later, we were almost out of steam. To seal the deal was a few attempts on a skateboard in chunky rubber platforms, and the dangerous idea to strap on a pair of quads (which didn't happen because at this point cops were circling us and sensing our hesitance to complete these extreme sport ideas in hardly forgivable waistbands).

And on that note, we were faced with the realization of "rush hour back to Long Beach" and retreated FAST to my apartment to give the kittens one last smooch and a few more potentially viral cat videos.

Photos: Amanda Adam
Wardrobe/ Styling: Zig Zag

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