Dive into Sedona’s mythic rock sounds and let them pull you into their luminescent world full of wonders-- You'll feel a little heartbreak and find yourself in a state of raw reflection.
As we “spring forward” this March, Sedona is continuing to crush it and recently released their new single, Drifting Days with a music video to follow later this month.

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To celebrate their most recent release, lead singer & namesake for the band Sedona took us out for some ice cream and treated herself to some of our shop’s favorite treats on one of the nicest days this year (so far).

Let's dive a little deeper and come meet our crushes that make up Sedona... 




 What is your creative inspiration? 

Sedona: My creative inspiration comes from everything and nothing all at once. I try to soak up what is (or isn't) around me during moments of creation. Whether I'm writing a song alone in my room or jamming with the whole crew, I find there is always something to be made, even out of nothing. I try to tune up and tune in to the noise of what are world is saying, and find a way to talk back <3

Merilyn: My creative inspiration comes from all different sources. Depends on which medium of creation I'm working on at the moment. I'm very inspired by pieces of art, whether music, writing or film, that usually generate a gut-emotional reaction. To me, craft falls second to sentiment, and pieces that are able to elicit some stronger feelings in me are usually the ones I am drawn to. I never considered myself a musician prior to Sedona and am still finding a home within that term, so musically I find myself very inspired when working in a group setting. With other mediums, I prefer to work in solitude as collaboration too early on can inhibit creative output in my process. 

Claire: In terms of writing as a guitarist, I get a lot of inspiration from the 90's; neo-soul, shoegaze, grunge, trip hop–such a versatile time for music. A lot of time creativity comes out of nowhere in spurts for me. I've learned to accept that I don't always feel creative, and that's chill. 

Tia: Lately I've been listening to a lot of darkwave and 80's heavy synth pop. After nights of dancing alone in my room or doing mundane house tasks to this music, it makes me have a burst of inspiration to lay down some beats on my own or bring them to our jam sessions. Also, I'm usually surrounded by my creative roommates or friends that have their own artistic outlet which then tends to spark some inspo in me!




Could you elaborate on what brought you all together and how you came about making myth rock your sound?

Sedona: We met through friends and online! It was pure rock & roll destiny. Our myth rock sound came from copious amounts of pizza, wine, and driving cross-country together with the radio constantly blasting. That and we just love to rock. Our sound is constantly evolving depending on our mood as a group and what we're all listening to at the time. 

Merilyn: Sedona reached out to me through Instagram after I posted a short clip of me butchering a Chopin piece (Valse Op.64 No.2 in C# Minor). Our sound shapeshifts a lot but definitely roots itself in elements of pop. One of my favorite parts of writing together is that everyone is very open to experimenting with different genres etc, even though the eventual product is always unmistakably Sedona. 

Claire: I was playing in our mutual friend's band Field Trip and Sedona asked me to play. Sedona was the first band I actually had creative say in. I think we all have really diverse musical tastes and styles individually, and when we come together to write as a group it all just kind of spills into each other and makes this mythical sound that's equally raw and processed. 

Tia: Before I was in any sort of official band, I always made short drumming videos that I'd post on my instagram, and I believe Claire found one of my videos and shared it with the rest of the band. Next thing you know, I received a message from them, and the next week we were all jamming together. We all have very different musical backgrounds so I think when we all come together we create this interesting, dreamy, raw, rocking hard to describe Sedona's sound but we call it myth rock.



Tell us about your favorite ZigZag piece...

Sedona: My favorite ZigZag piece is by far THE BOOTS! Got my sights set on the Pattern Flasher Square Toe Boots at the moment. Boy are they pretty ;) 

Merilyn: Love the 'Scoop U' crochet top !! I love a good crop top in the summer. 

Claire: Any and all of the rings...... I love the stackables and the Cute Cube rings :) 

Tia: I'm obsessed with the Wrestle Mania Playsuit... I have a thing for jumpers because you can layer em up for the winter, or in the warmer days wear her alone for a cozy, but dressed up day, or even for a show when those come back. Also in love with the colors and prints!

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