We met up with bandmates Maddie, Olivia and Siena from Sabrina is Not in This Chat to hop around Pico/ Union in Zig Zag originals and scare the locals with our wild designs. We also got to ask them a few questions so you can get to know them a lil better.

Bass breakdowns, moaney/ stoney vocals, guitar string plucking solos meets heavy symbol slamming to get the crowd tussling back and forth into each other. We saw them in Pasadena the night of this shoot and everything we thought we knew about crowdsurfing turned out to be nothing. Looks like the height of a bedroom ceiling does all but stop people from throwing themselves into the crowd. 

Press play and see why we fell in love. 


How did you meet?

S: We met through a variety of mutual friends, but I was introduced to Maddie through Olivia. I met Olivia in high school but we went to the same middle school as well. Being that we were/are all heavily involved with the LA DIY music scene, we had a lot of mutual friends and similar interests.

Do you have any pets?
O: I have a pet, his name is Tiger. You can guess what animal he is- he has an attitude. He's a good boy. 

Best venue in LA?
S: I think some good underground venues are popping up all the time but Non Plus Ultra has been consistent throughout the many years in throwing interesting shows. It all depends what you are going to go see because there are really sick rave experimental venues, really dope art houses but also I appreciate a room with good sound every once and a while. 

Hidden Talents?
M: I can snap my toes.
O: Hmm.. I need to think about that-
M: Algebra. I was kidding about my toes snapping.

Is your street style different than your stage style?
O: No, not really. But sometimes I try to push myself to wear something that I wouldn't normally where, but that is still in my wardrobe. 
M: Ive literally never worn a skirt during a Sabrina set. I refuse. Mainly because I just want to be comfortable. The closest time I got to wearing a skirt was that skort and it was at the Teragram show and I sweated so hard in my one piece that I knew I shouldn't have worn, that I literally bought a Mastadon shirt that day to wear instead.

Favorite show you've ever played?
S: This show we played in NY on our first east coast tour in like 2016 was pretty tight. It was at this house called HECK with Model Actriz, Sloppy Jane and Matter Room. Our set wasn't quite there yet haha, but the energy was there. Oh, and also our record release in 2019. 
O: And honestly the show we just played. 
S: Shoutout to House on Flower!
M: House Shows- They're ALL house shows. All of our favorite shows are house shows.

If you could open for any band/artist who would it be?
M: Primmmmuuus.
S: Haha yeah Primus for sure, or like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Something along those lines. 
O: Yeah, or like Lightning Bolt, or like open for Desert Daze, haha. 
M: Limp Bizkit would be pretty tight. Yeah I don't give a fuck, Limp Bizkit. 

Next LA show?
We will be in LA this upcoming spring and summer, with exciting tour announcements! Also new releases are coming throughout the year as well; we are looking forward to sharing with everyone. 

Photography: Amanda Adam
Styling and Wardrobe: Zig Zag Goods

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