Clown Crush: Irene Tang

This week we talk to one of our very own and explore the importance of play, process and why it’s important to tap into the creative realm of oneself. Irene is a creative explorer by instinct-- she is a photographer, builder, world traveller and model for Zig Zag Goods. Images shot by Irene below. You can also check out her instagram-- @tang.inaglass

 Like many of us, the pandemic has made us all reflect and diverge into different life paths, including Irene and her partner Tyler. Originally from New York and looking to get out of the city, they decided to drive cross-country-- They ended up doing so several times!! Eventually landing themselves in Los Angeles where Irene has since become an integral part of the Zig Zag clown commune. 

After chatting about how Irene came to Los Angeles we plunged right into the deep end and started to talk about quarter-life woes and how they motivated her to get in touch with her creative side.

“I had become so blinded by how to get to the future that I desire for myself that I almost forgot how to have fun in the midst of all the work that I felt needed to be done. I’ve only just started reintroducing that “fun” bit back into my life” 
It’s often a vicious cycle we all find ourselves in and Irene decided it was time to break it. 

 “We’re so used to being told to make sure we have the right tools, but I was listening to the ‘Mark Groves’ podcast and he suggested that maybe instead of acquiring a tool box for ourselves, we need to think of it as a toy box and ask ourselves – what do we like to do for play and how can we turn in that directions”

We continued to speak about how it’s also about the process and the “incredible bits” that come through when you take your time to shape your creative realm. A quarter-life crisis transformed into a quarter-life revelation. 

Through divine intervention Irene met creators Amanda and Piper through mutual friends. It was a match made in circus heaven. 
“There is this aspect of Zig Zag that is, what I would call, contagious almost. I think it has a lot to do with its creators. Mandy and Piper as individuals are such a force in themselves, that it radiates into Zig Zag and their audience. Even someone like me that once upon a time would never be caught dead wearing color all of a sudden find myself lingering more on pop colors”
 True geniuses at their craft Irene is attracted to the way they play-- who wouldn’t?!

As our chat came to a close I asked for Irene to impart some wisdom onto fellow creative playfuls and she leaves us with this,  

 “We need to learn to spend more time with ourselves, in our own skin. Don’t be afraid to step into realms you were never aware of, go explore everything and anything that tickles your curiosity, and you’ll get inspired by things that you never thought would inspire you.”

Portfolio by Irene
Model is Zig Zag's co-creator, Piper

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