Three quarantined friends bring day dreams to life with this April Showers Brings Empower series. 

Zig Zag has a way of bringing their friends out of their comfort zones. In real life, April is a physical therapist but through a Zig Zaggy lens, she became a model instantly. With jobs disappearing, new stories can be created. Just like recycled fashion, Zig Zag dreams that circumstances can be reimagined into something even brighter and even more you than before.

Be empowered by planting flowers! Just think of all the colors we could create. 

During these slow times, slow fashion is even more of a reality. Some dreams do come true :)

Art Direction: Emily Browning
Photography: Amanda Adam
Wardrobe & Styling: Zig Zag Goods
Accessories: Blobb, Blo_oberry, La Manso

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